Pratt & Whitney F135 Engine

Maturity from Common Core

Derived from the World's Only Operational 5th Generation Fighter Engine

Proven Performance for Safety and Value

The technologically advanced F135 engine is an evolution of the highly successful Pratt & Whitney F119, power for the F-22 Raptor. The F119 engine is the only fifth generation fighter currently in operation, making Pratt & Whitney the leader in next generation fighter propulsion.

The F135 improves upon the validated F119 core, integrating the F119's high-performance six-stage compressor and single-stage turbine unit with a new low-pressure spool. Together the F135 and F119 will have logged more than 600,000 flight hours before the F-35's introduction into operational service in 2012.

Derivative Development for F135

Confidence For Single Engine Operation:
Drawing on F119 Design and Lessons Learned

Commonality benefits go well beyond part number commonality. There are derived benefits from cousin parts (modified or scaled), similar materials, common design tools, analysis and manufacturing processes. The F119 has provided valuable lessons learned in both component design and flight testing which has been captured in F135 engineering standard work for both design and testing.